Comprehensive Women's Center

Bethpage OB/GYN offers a full range of health services for women. As specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, we can provide you with the best and latest medical care.


Our services range from the delicate first examination of the young woman who has never been examined before, to the management of menopause. Our annual and semi-annual check-ups include breast examinations and pap smears, and we perform gynecological surgery.

  • + Pregnancy & Delivery
  • + Postpartum Care
  • + In-House Lamaze Classes
  • + Bone Densitometry
  • + Full GYN Services
  • + Menstrual Disorders & Irregularities
  • + AIUM Sonography
  • + Mammography in Building
  • + In-House Lamaze Classes
  • + Saturday & Evening Appts.